To add these wallpapers to your page just scan the corrisponding barcode using a app like "shop savy" or "barcode scanner" and it wil take you to the download page on the market. PLEASE NOTE not all applications are free.

Tajm (Free)


Tajm is a very strange name for quite a cool clock widget. Tajm is a 2x1 widget that spells out the time and date in English or Swedish language. It isnt highly customizable but you can change the colour of the text and the background.

FotMob 5.0 Live Soccer Scores (Free)

I have been searching the market for a long time for a football scores app that allows me to follow the teams i like across different countries/leagues. There are a few out there that will do this but i find this one is the best as the layout is very simple and it allows you to choose "your team" and also change the theme of the application. I have only found one disadvantage with this app and that is the fact that you can change themes witch is all well and good but then there are only themes for big clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid ect. I would like to see some smaller clubs themes.