To add these wallpapers to your page just scan the corrisponding barcode using a app like "shop savy" or "barcode scanner" and it wil take you to the download page on the market. PLEASE NOTE not all games are free.

Flight Director  (Aprox. £1.21)

I have pointed out that i am a fan of these flight control games before but i have only just found this one today, and the thing that makes this one stand out is the fact that instead of having a cartoon location this actually has an aerial view of actual airports from across the world, in this screenshot you can see Singapore airport it also has Los Angeles, Kansai and others.

Alchemy (Free)


Alchemy lets you start with 4 "elements" earth, fire, air, stone and you mix them together to create others, so you can mix air and earth to make dust, as i said you start with 4 and you can create 270 by mixing things with other things. It is a very addictive game especially if you have a friend with the same game.

Shortyz Crosswords (Free)

Shortyz Crosswords is a free application on the android market witch considering some crossword apps are up to $9US is a reasonable price. The price of 0.00 is even better considering that the app daily updates crosswords from the LA Times, NY Times, USA Today, Houston Chronical and others. The interface and controls are easy to use. You will lose alot of time playing the crosswords.

Air Control (£1.35 or free with ads)

This is by far my faverate game i have found on the market so far. The object of the game is to land planes in an airport. The thing i like most about the game is that you draw the planes flight path with you finger :D.

Red Club Poker (Free)

 If your a poker nut like me you will love this app, in my opinion it is the best multi-player poker app on the market.