Saturday, 17 July 2010

My Experiance Rooting And Installing Froyo ROM

This is a screenshot of my phone running on android 2.2 (froyo) but as you can tell i have a white status bar at the moment but once i learn how i am going to install a black status bar ROM. When the froyo update is official here i am going to un-root maybe rooting again if there are ROM's for android 3.0 (vanilla) available.
So rooting your phone is supposed to be easy although it took me about 23 hours including 6 hours sleep to toot and install froyo. The installation of froyo was easy once you find a good ROM but rooting does have its difficulties. The first problem i came across was working with command prompt, i have never really had to before. the instructions said something like create a directory in some location. This sounds and is a very basic command but to a command prompt noob it took an hour or so of stressing out and an hour or so of looking online. I managed to find this in a youtube video witch i will share as i found this very easy to just copy what this guy was doing to root my phone The first step of rooting (for people with branded phones) is creating a goldcard witch i did pretty fast. And the worst problem i had was that command prompt kept coming up with permission denied or something like that so i had to create a short cut on the desktop and go into properties and select run as administrator. I tried right clicking and selecting run as administrator but the same was happening, so there it is 2 computers and 23hours later i am running froyo and loving it.
If you want me to link a guide for rooting, creating gold cards, and installing froyo comment on this post.

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